Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Why even the polls put out by NDP'ers show "strategic voting" makes NO sense for St Catharines

Many St Catharines NDP supporters are publicizing a poll/projection which claims a 7.6% lead for the NDP over the PC candidate in St Catharines, and both far ahead of the Liberal incumbent. This is so far over the margin of error of 3.9% that it makes no sense to vote "strategically" if you don't agree with the NDP as you'll be wasting your vote, they don't need it! To make your vote truly count vote for what you believe in. But don't just take my word for it, take a look at what St Catharines NDP supporters were saying about so-called "strategic voting" just 3 years ago!

An inspiring and re-energizing text message from a voter

An example of many text messages and phone calls I have received in the campaign which confirm how worthwhile it is to run as a Communist!

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

St Catharines Standard profile for Communist Party Candidate in St Catharines Riding

The St Catharines Standard profile by Grant LaFleche for Saleh Waziruddin, Communist candidate in the St Catharines riding

Saleh Waziruddin, Communist
Age: 40
Occupation: Unemployed
Family: Parents and two adult sisters
Previous political experience: Two years' management experience in a small municipal government, ran twice before, provincially and federally
Community work: Activist in $15 minimum wage and Cuba, Indigenous and Palestine solidarity groups. Past volunteer English teacher to seasonal farmworkers.
Top issue: Defending and extending the new minimum wage and labour standards, e.g. bring back part-timers' holiday pay gains.
Why are you running: To represent those conscripted into poverty and unemployment, defending and extended new labour rights.
Why should voters choose you: If you agree with my platform then voting Communist is the best way to make your vote count, anything else is a wasted vote.
Contact, 289-990-7683, website: and, Twitter: @Communist4StCat

St Catharines Canvassing Team Distributes 800 Communist Party Leaflets

Congratulations to the St Catharines Communist Party campaign canvassing duo for distributing an amazing 800 election leaflets this afternoon!

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Radio interview with Tom McConnell of CKTB 610 AM Newstalk radio

Here is an audio clip of my interview on Thursday, May 31, 2018 shortly after noon with Tom McConnell of CKTB 610 AM NewsTalk radio

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Success in entering Chamber of Commerce debate, best audience response

After a social media, email and phone-in campaign succeeded in getting the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce to include me in their St Catharines candidates debate after initially excluding me, the St Catharines Standard reported that I got the best audience response:

"Waziruddin got the most enthusiastic response from the small audience when he said the Tories' health care plan is like Donald Trump tax returns: "It might never be released.""


I am grateful to the Chamber for agreeing to include me in the debate. The Chambers of Commerce of the neighboring Niagara ridings have always included all candidates and St Catharines voters are entitled to the same.

Communist party represented in St. Catharines riding


12:45 PM by Scott Rosts Niagara This Week - St. Catharines

Saleh Waziruddin will once again be carrying the Communist party banner in St. Catharines.
The St. Catharines resident has previously ran twice in the riding provincially and federally, and continues to be passionate about the party’s platform and advocate or change.
“I am running because we need MPPs who represent the majority of us conscripted into poverty and unemployment, starting with defending and extending the new minimum wage and labour standards” said Waziruddin.
“The Liberal government has already taken away holiday pay from part-time workers, saying it's not fair to full timers, but that's not true — it doesn't affect full-timers,” he added. “If you work you should be paid for the holiday, that's the point of having stat holidays.”
He is also advocating for the elimination of “deeming” deductions of minimum wage from injured workers' compensation because they are assumed or “deemed” to working a minimum-wage job.
Waziruddin has also set his sights on reform to the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority board. He says the board should be replaced, part of a special resolution the Communist party called for in June 2017.
“They're supposed to be protecting the environment,” he said, adding they appear more focused on economic development. “They're giving away land which will choke off the few remaining wetlands we have left in the world. By treaty obligations there is supposed to more consultation with First Nations, which has not been done.”
Waziruddin encourages residents to familiarize themselves with the party’s plan at From electoral reform job creation, to expanding health care to include full coverage of services such as dental care, vision care, pharmacare, mental health care and long-term care, to developing a new funding program for a proposed, single, secular public school system, he said there are many planks that appeal to electors in Ontario. There is also a pledge to build 200,000 affordable housing units over four years, the introduction of free public child care available 24 hours a day, transit expansion and enhanced municipal funding.
The party, he said, will finance its platform through doubling the corporate tax rate, which Waziruddin said would still be low for industrialized countries, and restoring the corporate capital tax which was dropped to zero in 2010.
“Instead of giving away the wealth we create to corporations which were sitting on the money instead of investing it, we should take it back for our basic needs,” he said.
Waziruddin says he hopes residents will see the benefits of a Communist choice at Queen’s Park.
“Look at our platform. It’s policies which take care of all peoples’ needs,” he said, adding voters who want to “make their vote count” should look to the Communists.