Tuesday, 5 June 2018

St Catharines Standard profile for Communist Party Candidate in St Catharines Riding

The St Catharines Standard profile by Grant LaFleche for Saleh Waziruddin, Communist candidate in the St Catharines riding


Saleh Waziruddin, Communist
Age: 40
Occupation: Unemployed
Family: Parents and two adult sisters
Previous political experience: Two years' management experience in a small municipal government, ran twice before, provincially and federally
Community work: Activist in $15 minimum wage and Cuba, Indigenous and Palestine solidarity groups. Past volunteer English teacher to seasonal farmworkers.
Top issue: Defending and extending the new minimum wage and labour standards, e.g. bring back part-timers' holiday pay gains.
Why are you running: To represent those conscripted into poverty and unemployment, defending and extended new labour rights.
Why should voters choose you: If you agree with my platform then voting Communist is the best way to make your vote count, anything else is a wasted vote.
Contact info:Saleh@communistpartyontario.ca, 289-990-7683, website: http://communistpartyontario.ca/candidates/vote-saleh-waziruddin-in-st-catharines and Niagaracommunists.blogspot.com, Twitter: @Communist4StCat

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