Tuesday, 22 September 2015

MEDIA RELEASE: Saleh Waziruddin is Communist Party candidate for St. Catharines MP, running against Rick Dykstra's record

Communist Party of Canada – Parti Communiste du Canada

Saleh Waziruddin, Communist for St Catharines
(289) 697 9169
5 Carriage Rd #705
St. Catharines, ON L2P 3K2

September 22, 2015


MEDIA RELEASE: Saleh Waziruddin is Communist Party candidate for St. Catharines MP, running against Rick Dykstra's record

ST. CATHARINES, ON – Saleh Waziruddin formally announced he is the Communist Party of Canada candidate for the St. Catharines riding in the federal election.  Saleh expects to be officially nominated later today and is campaigning against the dismal decade-long record of the incumbent.

Saleh blasts Rick Dykstra's record saying “every time there is an election Rick Dykstra shows off new grants but then after the election there are no jobs to show for them.  Last election Dykstra promoted $4 million he got for Silicon Knights, which we were told would be the next GM, but after the election they laid off most staff and went out of business.  This election he promised a big announcement from GM, which turned out to be investment in the plant without any new jobs.”

Saleh concedes “Dykstra did bring in one good grant which created jobs, which was for BUILT (Building Up Individuals with Learning and Teamwork), a St. Catharines-based organization which more than paid for itself through finding jobs Canada-wide for people suffering from poor mental health.  However even here Dykstra could not deliver because in 2011 BUILT had to shut down when their grant was suddenly not renewed because there was not enough money to fund all needs.  When Dykstra's power to deliver was tested he failed the people of this riding.”

Saleh has participated in recent “Refugees Welcome” protests, saying Rick Dykstra is “out of step with Canadians when he publicly defended cutting health care for refugee applicants as 'fair and reasonable', which the Supreme Court said were 'cruel and unusual' and forced the government to restore in part.”  

Saleh Waziruddin is a 37 year old call centre worker and has two years management-level experience in municipal government at a small municipality.  He has a degree in Chemical Engineering and Public Policy & Management from Carnegie Mellon University.  He is active at the Canada-wide executive level in the Canadian Peace Congress and the Canadian Network on Cuba.  He has previously run in one federal and two provincial elections in St. Catharines.

The Communist Party of Canada is running 28 candidates for fundamental change from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island.  The Party has previously elected two MP's, two MPP's in Ontario, and has had members elected to public office almost every year since 1933.  It is Canada's second-oldest party and its victory in the Supreme Court case Figueroa vs Canada (2003) makes it possible for parties with less than 50 candidates to register and run in federal elections.  The Communist Party was the first to propose universal public healthcare and is running on a comprehensive platform to put people's needs ahead of corporate greed, the full platform is available at http://communist-party.ca/platform 

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